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The Benefits of Learning Music

The Benefits of Learning Music

Aside from creative outlet and pure enjoyment, there are countless studies into the benefits of learning music. For school-aged children, it has been proven that learning a musical instrument improves children’s behaviour, memory and intelligence.

In adolescence, music makes a major contribution to the development of self-identity and is seen as a source of support when young people are feeling troubled or lonely. Music is also at the very heart of Kiwi popular culture – it’s what kids talk about, it’s what they aspire to.

As an adult, investing the time to immerse yourself in this beautiful process of learning an instrument has more benefits than you could possibly imagine; enhance memory, spatial reasoning and language skills. Learning to play a musical instrument also means our brain is stimulated in new ways, more of our senses are engaged: vision, hearing and touch. Our fine motor skills are honed and this rather complex experience, over a prolonged period of time, promotes long-lasting changes in the brain.

This is exactly why we need music education for all ages and why I believe music should play an important role at all stages of our lives.